Non-religious Funerals

What Are Non-Religious Funerals?

Non-Religious Funeral services may not adhere to any particular religious traditions unless it is of the wishes of the deceased or their family. It is a unique service – as unique as the life the person has lived.

There is no written rule as to how a Non-Religious funeral should take place, and it is up to our team at O’Connell’s Funeral Directors to guide you through what will be a tailored funeral service dedicated to the individual who has passed away.

There are various ways in which a Non-Religious funeral can take place of which there is no right or wrong format. Visitation in the Funeral Home or residence may still take place just like that of a traditional Irish funeral. The use of a celebrant is a choice which is individual to each family and can be organised at the time of the arranging of the funeral. The family can part-take in the service in any which way – therefore creating the uniqueness of the tailored funeral.

Burial or Cremation for a Non-Religious Funeral?

Just because the deceased did not have any religious beliefs, it does not necessarily mean that ‘Cremation’ is the only option, as ‘Burial’ is just as prevalent. A service may also take place at the Crematorium or at the graveside, where music, poetry, speeches or reflections can be carried out.

For enquiries relating to the above services, please do not hesitate to contact us at O’Connell’s Funeral Home, St. James’ Avenue, Mallow.