Funeral costs

O'Connell Funerals Home Services

This includes the use of Funeral Home facilities, as well as arrangements and supervision.


Chosen by the family, appropriately mounted, with engraved nameplate and furnishings, lined in linen or rucked satin of a fitting colour.

Disbursements & Additional Services

O’Connell Funerals will pay associated third parties to relieve the burden on the family on the day of the funeral.

These payments generally include the following:

  • Church and Clergy offerings, including the Parish Clerk & Altar Servers, where appropriate.
  • Musicians at the Church, Funeral Home, Grave and or Crematorium.
  • Grave purchase (if needed) & opening fees.
  • Obituary notices on Radio, Online and/or in Newspapers.
  • Cremation Fees.
  • Coroner or Doctor’s document fees when required.
  • Any necessary gratuities.
  • Flowers & Floral tributes.
  • Mass Booklets & grave markers.

Funeral costs

At O’Connell Funeral Directors, we understand that the focus of a funeral is on remembering the deceased and celebrating their life.  Depending on the type of service and its scale, expenses like floral arrangements or the type of coffin chosen can all impact the final price.

Tailored to your needs

Every funeral service is going to be unique and tailored to the deceased, so we offer cost-effective options for funerals as well as more bespoke options. Our team can work with you to decide what best suits the situation, as we provide budget-friendly options as well as tailor-made ones. Some of the ways we provide a low-cost funeral are through tasteful, minimal coffins that are well-suited for burial or cremation.

Our budget-friendly coffins can still be customised – you might want to include brass mountings, bespoke nameplates or satin lining. We’ll guide you through the process and show you areas where you could make savings while still creating a beautiful service that gives the deceased the dignity and respect they deserve. We can also discuss travel arrangements, such as offering a hearse from the place of death to the place of service, followed by travel to the cemetery or crematorium.

When opting for a budget-friendly service, there are still professional fees to factor in, such as coordinating the arrangements and consulting family members or authorities. At O’Connell Funeral Directors, we make sure that the costs of these fees are as low as possible so that your available funds can go towards celebrating the deceased, rather than paying for expenses.

How our costs work

We do everything we can at O’Connell Funeral Directors to make the cost of the funeral as low as possible. We’ve been helping families with funerals since 1885 and our Mallow funeral home is always available to guide and support you through the process. As funeral directors Mallow residents can trust, our pricing is transparent and easy to understand.

Once we discuss the arrangements for the funeral with you, we draft a schedule that outlines the instructions that we have received. You’ll see a full breakdown of the costs of all services, including payments made to third parties such as newspapers and florists.

O’Connell Funeral Directors is the funeral home Cork residents trust, so if you need any assistance, all you have to do is get in touch.