Coffin types

Wicker Coffin

Wicker coffins are an environmentally-friendly option suitable for natural burials as they naturally break down over time. The wicker material is beautiful to look at, inexpensive and ideal for both burials and cremations. Due to its flexible material, you can even request unique designs and styles with wicker coffins.

Pine Coffin

A pine coffin is understated yet elegant in design and can be polished or unpolished depending on taste. It’s an affordable option that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Many faiths use pine coffins for religious reasons, but they’re also a traditional choice due to their affordability and refined look.

Oak Coffin

An oak coffin is made from solid wood and offers a timeless design that can include engravings and other decorative details. Oak is an excellent choice of wood for coffins due to its strength and sustainability. It’s a reasonably priced option that looks beautiful and is suitable for both burial and cremation.

Mahogany Coffin

Mahogany offers a splendid beauty and luxury to coffin designs. It’s a tropical hardwood that looks decadent, warm and inviting. It’s the ideal choice if you’re wanting a casket that looks and feels high-quality, but it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s a more expensive option.